How to join the Meesho Supplier panel!

Meesho, India’s No. 1 Reselling Platform, is a Google Play reselling app. Meesho can help you make money on social media. The wholesale pricing margin gets credited to your account. You may make money with Meesho by selling it or supplying it.

Online business is straightforward with Meesho. You can sell online commodities while sitting at home or in other regions of India without paying registration fees or undertaking any verification. Meesho App, established in 2015 by Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Atreya, is the top money-making reseller. You can easily earn 10,000 to 25,000 rupees per month by promoting the many fashion and technology products on this Meesho app on social media while relaxing at home. Under the Meesho supplier panel, almost a crore resellers get connected. Meesho supply panel is available in about 24000 pin codes and serves over seven crore customers. On this platform, there are over 700 people associated with the account.

Pros of joining the Meesho supplier panel

Because Meesho does not charge sales commissions, it is the most profitable online platform for suppliers. Meesho is the first platform in India to offer 0% commission, which is why many suppliers prefer it. Many online marketplaces charge a collecting fee for each supplier sale. Meesho, on the other hand, does not charge a collection fee, and the provider receives the entire amount of sales revenues. Meesho takes no fees for payment gateway or cash on delivery orders. The meesho seller login and registration process is simple. All you need is an active bank account and a GSTIN. Meesho does not impose a registration fee anyone can sign up as a meesho seller for free.

For any Return to Origins(RTO), Meesho will not charge a return shipping cost. The shipping partner will make three attempts to contact the customer. 

The product gets returned to you without penalty if the customer does not accept the item.

Supplier cancellations or auto-cancellations are not subject to fines at Meesho. Suppliers can conduct business on Meesho without fear of penalties if they cannot fulfil an order due to a lack of inventory or another unforeseen event.

A minimum of Rs. 300 is required to establish an advertising campaign on Meesho, which is much cheaper than other online marketplaces. Your catalogues will display at the top of all discovery pages when you publish an ad on Meesho, exposing them to millions of buyers searching for or browsing similar products.

With only 18% GST added to shipping charges, Meesho’s shipping service allows you to focus on sales while they manage shipment and delivery. Meesho sellers can sell their items to millions of Meesho clients, schedule delivery through thousands of local courier providers, and set their prices.

How to be a member of the Meesho supplier panel?

meesho supplier panel

Registration under Meesho Supplier Panel-

To access the Meesho supplier panel, navigate to Supplier.Meesho and select the Start Selling option. The Meesho application form will appear in front of you after you click on it. Before you click the Send OTP option, you must first enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP to your cell phone through SMS, which you must enter below. Then, click the New Account button and enter your email and password. This form has four steps to complete. In the first step, enter your GST details and pick the Verify option. After you’ve confirmed your GST number, click the Proceed option.

In the second stage, you must input information regarding the pickup address, such as the address, pin code, street, apartment number, state, and city. In the third stage, you must provide information about your bank account. You must enter the bank account information for the individual whose name appears on the GST number and send payment to that account. Details concerning Supply must be provided in the fourth stage. After filling out all the required information, click the Continue button to complete the Meesho Seller Registration.

Selling and Earning under the Meesho Seller panel

Vendors can upload catalogues to Meesho individually or in bulk. The product catalogue goes live 72 hours after it is uploaded. Before you upload product photographs to the catalogue, you must first select a category. You should upload many photos of your goods to offer customers a more accurate portrayal of your product. Then enter information such as price, Tax, and so on for each product. A meesho seller should include at least three to four items in your catalogue to increase the chance of receiving an order. 

A meesho seller panel member should submit 5-7 catalogues within the first several days for maximum exposure. Suppliers should study the Meesho supplier Panel’s legal and policy section to ensure that their items comply with Meesho’s policies. Meesho handles all of the details for you. As a Meesho seller, your only responsibility will be to accept the order, package, and label the merchandise. Meesho also has a next-day dispatch option for approved catalogues that can help you enhance sales. Meesho has the lowest shipping prices and delivers to over 28000 pin codes in India.

As of today, Meesho accepts both cash-on-delivery (COD) and online payments. Money is deposited immediately into your bank account in a safe manner. Meesho has a 7-day payment cycle beginning with order delivery, including Cash on Delivery transactions. On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you can monitor your deposited balance and future payments.

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1.Is there any commission on Meesho?

Meesho is the first Indian platform that offers 0% commission.

2.How easy is it to register on Meesho supplier panel India?

The registration process to be a meesho seller is as simple as the registration process in any application. First, fill out contact details, then your GST number, verify your phone number, and secure your account with a password. At a later stage, fill out your address details, and the rest of the bank account details are under meesho seller panel. 

3.Are the shipping costs of Meesho very high?

Meesho has the lowest shipping prices and delivers to over 28000 pin codes in India.


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