How to play Gomoku?

Let’s put to rest such evil notions for people who believe they will have to postpone playing it with their buddies until after the entire “social distancing” scenario has subsided.

Gomoku is a game that Apple users can play with friends using iMessage. A double treat if you’ve never attempted a game on iMessage before! The convenience of game playing over iMessage far outweighs that of playing them online. Start a game, and the other player can join whenever they can. You don’t need to wait for the other player to log in.

You don’t have to finish the game in one sitting while playing games over iMessage, another benefit. Take your turn whenever you have a free moment. And the opposing player would follow suit. In iMessage, each turn is sent as a message so that you can open it, see what another player has played, do your turn, and send it back whenever it’s convenient. The level of sophistication. Then let’s get going! 

Game Rules

A 12×12 grid and sets of black and white pebbles are the only components of the iMessage game. The black stones are immediately given to Player 1. When the tiles’ junction is reached, all players individually place a rock of their respective color. The game aims to position 5 of your stones on the board in a row.

Place the pebble on the intersection to start your turn, then hit the “Send” button at the bottom. Before transmitting your move to the opponent, you can move your rock any number of times. Nevertheless, once you click the “Submit” button, you cannot undo it; you could say it becomes irreversible.

The winner is the first person to place five stones on the board in a row, either diagonally, vertically, or diagonally. To win, you must prevent the other player’s stones from making the winning pattern and try to place your five consecutive stones on the board. Once you understand the fundamentals of the game, you’ll need to plan your plays to prevail.

After installation is complete, invite your friend. Visit the chat room of the friend you want to play the game with. To invite your buddy to the game, tap the post button afterward. They will make the first move if they agree to the request.

Bonus Tip

Asking your adversary to send you the match request is a simple way to improve your potential for victory at Gomoku. This is because the first player has a better chance of winning than the latter.

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How to Win at Gomoku?

How to play Gomoku


Here are some quick tips for winning Gomoku:

  • Plan out your actions. Consider a few steps ahead & plot your play accordingly.
  • Stop your adversary’s pieces from lining up in a row of five.
  • To send the game request, ask a buddy.
  • Analyze the opponent’s moves and patterns. You can then assault them when they’re most vulnerable in this manner.
  • Finally, you can only become an expert in a game with practice.

Are Gomoku Cheats Available?

Gomoku requires live play. Hence there is no way to cheat at it. To win, you need to practice your blocking techniques frequently. You will only require a cheat sheet if you have the appropriate attitude.

Final Words

Gomoku is the best method to spend time or interact with others if you want to do a game that’s not mindless. This captivating game of abstract strategy will keep you fascinated.

Gomoku is engaging enough to keep you interested without being overly complicated. Play Gomoku right away by downloading it!


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